We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light. ~Mary Dunbar

Go to Water often...

“Go to Water often…”

My dear friend Joyce posed the question… “If you could, what would you tell your younger self…” I thought about that. And here it is…

1) I would have said “You go ahead and QUIT high school and go out into the world and explore! THEN grab a GED and jump into the university program you want to… WHEREVER you want to… WHEN you want to. Do things YOUR way…. Don’t seek, or wait for ANYONE’S approval… 2) Travel widely… EARLY. Meet new people… learn about new cultures… practice new languages… eat new and strange foods… listen to old and new music… play as many instruments as you can get your hands on… 3) meditate, pray and hang out with monks… often 4) Learn all about water… everywhere… internal and external… swim more… drink more… watch it… touch it… Learn the process/ceremony of “Going to Water”… and do it when you need to; 5) Listen more and talk less… Especially around elders.

Yep… I would grab the younger me by the shoulders and plant a big fat kiss on her forehead and tell her how amazing she is, and that Love is the most important thing to learn in this whole lifetime, and that self love is the VERY first lesson in that book.

Thank you for asking…

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